Your first EURES job

Dear Participant of YFEJ Project,


We are all dealing with an exceptional crisis due to the COVID-19 spreading. This emergency may create problems to each participant currently involved in mobility experiences in Italy or in other European Countries.


In this perspective, we kindly inform you that you can benefit from an additional financial support, when experiencing serious difficulties due to the Covid crisis. An extensive interpretation of eligibility criteria seems to meet the real needs of each young person in the mobility process facing extraordinary events.


That is why we are evaluating different ways to help workers/trainees/apprentices whose ongoing contracts have been temporarily suspended, as well as their remuneration, waiting for an improvement of the general situation.


Some measures, as "special needs", could be adapted to the emergency situation and other, e.g. the subsistence allowance can be extended to the covered period of a traineeship agreeement (in this case we will cover  the entire duration up to 6 months). We will evaluate on "case by case" basis which measure will be most suitable to help you.


If you  face any difficulties that can be proved (for example, a trainee is working in a company that is temporarily closed for the health emergency), please follow the indications below:


  1.  fill in the attached form and to upload it in the project platform,

  2.  inform us (write an email at the following email address: ). Your situation will be evaluated together with you and then it will be decided what measures can be extended.


ANPAL – Agenzia per le Politiche Attive del Lavoro Via Fornovo, n. 8

00192 Roma

+39 06 46835450




Your first EURES job (YfEj 6.0) is a European project implemented by EURES National Coordination Offices, through partnerships involving EURES of other Member States, public, private and third sector organisations.


The project is coordinated by ANPAL (Agency of Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, acting as EURES National Coordination Office) in partnership with 12 co-applicants (Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Metropolitan City of Rome, Eurodesk Italy, Sapienza University, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus), 2 affiliates (ANPAL Servizi and Capitale Lavoro) and 15 associates (from Finland, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and the Italian EURES network).


Project’s objectives

YfEj 6.0 aims at:

  • developing innovative projects for the promotion of professional mobility, through the support of the European Commission
  • supporting young people to find a job, traineeships and apprenticeships in another EU Member State. YfEj 6.0 will focus on actual matching and placement services, covering all phases of placement, from active preparation to post-placement assistance for successful integration into labour markets
  • promoting a circular, voluntary and quality mobility of workers and the construction of a European citizenship



  • young people aged 18-35, nationals of any of the EU28 Member States, Iceland or Norway, and legally resident in a EU28 Member State, Iceland and Norway
  • employers in the EU28 Member States, Norway and Iceland, with a special attention to SMEs


Geographical dimension of the project: EU28 Member States, Iceland and Norway.


All business sectors involved. The most covered ones:

  • health
  • engineering
  • logistics and ICT
  • tourism and related services
  • wholesale-customer care


The project foresees the following measures and financial benefits:




For further information contact EURES Advisers:


Anna Uznańska

tel. +48 71 397 43 33



Dagmara Wilczyńska

tel. +48 76 850 34 11



Or go to:


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